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for the Vanilla enthusiast 


What's in the Box?

This is an exclusive quarterly box full of vanilla themed products carefully curated by chefs and local foodies.  

It's a journey through the world of vanilla.  Discover new beans, products, ways to use the products, and everyday treats.  Each box will include a special bean variety that is highlighted with an information card and product of that bean, such as: beans, powders, pastes, or extracts.

Other treats will include vanilla infused items and Executive Chef tested recipes and video walk thru of each recipe.  

Vanilla Journal cards and other treats will compliment the box making it a really special exclusive treat box to enjoy and share.   

There is a special, exclusive Facebook Group just for the Vanilla Vault members to learn, share, and be in community with as we share a love of vanilla!!

A Flavorful, Sensory Experience

The Vanilla Vault is for your lifestyle:

Cooking, Baking, Aroma, Flavor, & Trying New Things

Vanilla Bean Varieties

Lush Vanilla Beans from all over the world will be part of your vanilla journey with the Vanilla Vault.  All of the paste, extract, powder, and other vanilla infused products from the Sugar Pod are handcrafted using these beans!!

Vanilla for Baking & Cooking

Vanilla Powder, Paste, Extract, and Extreme Extract are all part of the Vault offerings.  What's really fun is trying the various beans and blending them with other high quality products produce really special products you'll get to try for your special baked goods.  So Good!!

Vanilla: Outside the Box

EXTRA! EXTRA!!  Have you ever tried infused Vanilla Bean Sugar or Vanilla Bean infused salt?  Wow!  This will seriously up your menu.  Try rimming your glass, seasoning your meats or vegetables, or even sprinkle a little sugar on your fruit.  There's much more than this but we can't share all of the secrets... Oh, these are super giftable - share the yummy!! 

There is a very limited opening for the Vanilla Vault Box and you don't want to miss out!!! This is just too good to be true

Oh Wait, There's More!!

 In addition to all of the vanilla and vanilla based products, you will also receive professionally tested recipes, tips and information on how to best use your vanilla and vanilla bean products.

You will also have access to our VIP Vanilla Facebook group that will have live videos, more recipes, exclusive discounts and first dibs on limited edition products. We work with master level chefs for recipe creation and many tips and tricks the seasoned professionals use in their kitchens. 

Really, it's all included!!

Vault Member Benefits

As a VIP Member you will enjoy exclusive deals, exclusive product offerings, and be able to join the VIP private Facebook Group to share all things Vanilla!!

Ask the Chef

All of our recipes are Chef tested and approved. We work closely with a team of professional chefs who are here to answer questions and give tips and tricks to all things Vanilla!! 

Vanilla Journal

Every box will come with an Vanilla Journal Card that explores a unique variety of bean and explore its characteristics, flavor profile and how to best use that specific variety of bean.

Lifestyle Goodies

Now this is FUN!! Each box will include a lifestyle goodie or two for you to enjoy. Everything is included celebrates vanilla but oh what fun treats there are to explore and enjoy.

Limited spots available.

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