Entrepreneur. Mom. Wife. Designer. Foodie. These are all titles I answer to and love.  I have been in the interior design and higher education profession for over 20 years, a lover of food for more than 40 so why not meld the two worlds together and have even more fun?

It all started in the Fall of 2019 when I decided to take some time off my day job as a university professor and contract design work in preparation of the birth of my second daughter.  By June of 2020 – thank you to the pandemic for all of that thinking time – I was ready for my next adventure and my husband, a classically trained chef and lover of bourbon, had exposed me the vast world of craft creations and I wondered why not do this with all my vanilla?  Welcome to the Sugar Pod!!

The Sugar Pod was created as a place for me to create, have fun, and explore flavors to expand my inherent love of knowledge and food. It’s evolved into a place for extracting experiments, dehydrating and flavor infusions, but most importantly a place to share my passion, creations, and joy with others.

I began searching for high quality, responsibly sourced vanilla beans, and other resources to experiment with. This quickly turned into a fascinating adventure that consumed my time, efforts, money, and thoughts.  Friends wanted to know more. Friends wanted to taste and sample my products.  I needed more resources to grow and expand my newfound passion and it was obvious that a retail site and commercial kitchen was needed to grow and share the goodness I was creating. 

Thank you for joining me on this journey.  The destination is unknown, but I promise that it is one full of laugher, tasty treats, goof ups, and memories that are meant to be shared and enjoyed with others.


Hi!  I am Ginger and I have the honor of being a part of this exciting business full of beautiful sweet creations.  I head up customer relations and I am creative support lead for the Sugar Pod.  My background is speech-language pathology, so communication is a big part of what I love.  It also helps that I love to talk as well!  So getting the opportunity to meet and get to know new people through the business has been such a highlight.  If you’ve ever sent an email to the Sugar Pod, you’ve likely heard back from me. Helping with the prep, planning and sales has been adventurous and self satisfying. Being a part of seeing the Sugar Pod grow to the levels it has is so exciting.

I am a wife and mother of 2 teenagers and 2 dogs.  When I am not working at the Sugar Pod you will find me in my garden amongst my flowers and vegetables or sitting on my porch reading.  I am honored to be a part of this fun, sweet adventure and look forward in helping to support you, our treasured customers.