Vanilla Gift Box

Vanilla Gift Box

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The Classic Vanilla Gift Box is a perfect gift for the baker who what's to try some classic ingredients made with the highest quality and attention.  The gift set comes with 1/2 oz Premium Grade A Vanilla Beans,  2 oz small batch Vanilla Bean extract, a 4 oz small batch Vanilla Bean Seasoning Salt, and 4 oz of our signature Vanilla Bean Paste.  All four of these items compliment everyday flavor profiles and yet have multiple uses.  

More details of What's Included:

A Gift Box - Tied with a bow and ready to enjoy or gift.

Vanilla Beans are grade-A premium beans that are intoxicating and absolutely wonderful!  They are perfect for that special dessert or for infusing sugar.  We suggest splitting your beans and using that glorious caviar in your ice cream, creme brulee, icings, or anywhere else the vanilla flavor is celebrated!  

The Vanilla Bean extract is professional strength (2.5x standard strength) and is made with pure ingredients, no fillers or artificial anything, and has been extracting a minimum of 18 months before bottling.  

Our Vanilla Bean Paste is rich in flavor and has a strong vanilla aroma and beautiful appearance. It will elevate your recipes by providing deeper flavors and a distinctive look with the Vanilla Bean seeds. Its consistency is similar to a thick syrup providing all of the rich flavors without any additional liquid to your recipe.

Vanilla Salt: Small batch salt infusions are made with premium Vanilla Beans and Pink Himalayan Salt.  Infused salts are perfect for seasoning your vegetables, baked goods, and meats, and as a finishing salt on your sweets and treats. Simply replace the use of your regular salt with this special blend and your foods will have a deeper flavor making them something really special. 

Each jar comes with a serving spoon making it a perfect gift or salt jar worthy of your counter display.

All of our extracts are professional strength and we recommend flavoring to taste.

All of our extracts are SUGAR-FREE and unsweetened, highly heat stable, and water-soluble.  All of our extracts are also packaged in dark glass bottles for optimal storage, quality, and freshness.


Storage: Be sure to close the bottle tightly after each use and store it in a cool, dark place.

Note: This item is filled in fluid ounces and not by weight.