Tea Lovers Companion Gift Set

Tea Lovers Companion Gift Set

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Tea Lovers Unite!  This tea companion set is perfect for hot tea and cold tea drinkers alike.  The most distinguished palate will enjoy our products because they give that little extra oomph to your soul.  We love the unexpected and honestly, a little vanilla bean paste in our hot beverages is a favorite of many - try it, we promise it's quite tasty.  We've noted some suggested flavors that each product would best complement.

What's included in the gift set?

A reusable gift bag with a drawstring tie - super cute and useful!

2 oz. Vanilla Bean Paste - 

Our Pure Vanilla Bean Paste is rich in flavor and has a strong vanilla aroma and beautiful appearance. It will elevate your recipes by providing deeper flavors and a distinctive look with the Vanilla Bean seeds. Its consistency is similar to a thick syrup providing all of the rich flavors without any additional liquid to your recipe.  This is a blended bean product for maximum flavor. 

Suggested for hot or cold tea or coffee.  Start with just a little and flavor to taste.

8 oz Lavender Sugar - Our small-batch sugar is made with premium culinary-grade lavender and Pure Cane Sugar.  Lavender sugar will elevate your morning tea coffee, muffins, or any baked good.  Simply replace some of your regular sugar with this special blend and your treat will have a deeper flavor making it something really special. 

Suggested use for hot tea or cold lemonade. Perfect for glass rimming! 

8 oz Tropical Sugar - It's an amazing blend of citrus and sweet; unique and fun.  Small batch sugar made with pure premium fruit and Pure Cane Sugar - that's it.  This sugar will elevate your fruit salads, specialty cocktails,  oatmeal, and baked goods.  Simply replace your regular sugar with this special blend and your treat will have a deeper flavor making it something really special.  - try it, it's sooooo good! 

Suggested use for hot or cold tea or cold lemonade.  Perfect for glass rimming! 

All of our pastes and extracts are professional strength and we recommend flavoring to taste.

All of our extracts are SUGAR-FREE and unsweetened, highly heat stable, and water-soluble.  All of our extracts are also packaged in dark glass bottles for optimal storage, quality, and freshness.


Storage: Be sure to close the bottle tightly after each use and store it in a cool, dark place.