Chocolate Companion Gift Set

Chocolate Companion Gift Set

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Eh, we all just want it all and can't decide where to start - right?!  Well, this is the set for you!!!!  Yep, we think these three items are the perfect Chocolate companion! The great news is that you are going to try a few of our products, without too much of a splurge, so you can use what you have and not so much you're unsure as to how best to use your goodies. This one is easy - they all complement chocolate so have fun! 

What's included in the gift set?

A reusable gift bag with a drawstring tie - super cute and useful!

2 oz. Vanilla Bean Extract - 

Our house Vanilla Bean extract uses mostly Madagascar, Ugandan, V. Plantifolia, and V. Tahitensis, and a rare V. Pompona beans - when available.   This is a blended bean extract for maximum flavor. 

All of our extracts are professional double to triple strength and we recommend flavoring to taste for they are stronger than the general commercial extracts. All of our extracts have an alcohol content that exceeds the Federal minimum of 35% with no added colorants or sweeteners.

2 oz Almond ExtractOur Almond extract is made with two pure ingredients: Apricot Bitter Kernels and alcohol with no additional flavors or colorants.  It is a perfect compliment for sweet pastries, cakes, cookies, savory stews, and rice dishes. It is a wonderful balance of nuttiness, and sweetness, with a hint of cherry notes,

2 oz Coffee Extract - Our Coffee Extract is made with pure coffee beans and has all of the wonderful notes bottled and ready for your baked goods.  It is a perfect complement to the chocolate and vanilla flavors - try it, it's sooooo good! 

All of our extracts are professional strength and we recommend flavoring to taste.

All of our extracts are SUGAR-FREE and unsweetened, highly heat stable, and water-soluble.  All of our extracts are also packaged in dark glass bottles for optimal storage, quality, and freshness.


Storage: Be sure to close the bottle tightly after each use and store it in a cool, dark place.