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Welcome, Gift Giving Friends!!

We have created a very special shopping collection for you this Christmas season.

We are featuring our Vanilla Gift Bags & launching our Vanilla Vault subscription box!!!!  🙌 🎉 🤗  

We have curated a series of gift bag options.  Vanilla Gift bags are a perfect way to try a few new products or give a baker friend a handcrafted artisan gift.  We’ve curated gift bags based on your baking preferences and distinguished palette.  

What do You want MORE???  Okay, so let's have a little more fun and have a $20 MYSTERY BAG!!  This will be a Gift Bag option only in this collection.  The Mystery Bag contents are chosen by us but you are guaranteed to receive $25-$50 worth of product.  We're feeling generous so I'd jump on this one and have fun with your ingredients!!   

Alright - let's all have some FUN!!!

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